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The great majority of Champagne wines are produced with a dosage that brings their sugar level to less than 12 grams per litre, placing them in the "Brut" category. However, there are wines in which the sugar content is higher, between 17 and 32 grams of sugar per litre for a dry Champagne, between 32 and 50 grams for a demi-sec, and over 50 grams for a sweet wine.

Such wines may not be the most common but they’re still well worth discovering.

They’re rounder, more indulgent, providing fruity notes that are very sweet on the palate. They can bring rather interesting associations with certain dishes, including sweet and sour recipes.

 Tasting of Champagne Demi-sec to Doux  Tasting of Champagne Demi-sec to Doux
Tarte aux fraises et pistache
Our favourite

An explosive pairing: Strawberry and pistachio tart

The sweetness of these wines is especially well suited to desserts, and goes perfectly with pistachio.

Our tips

For what sort of occasions?

  • Intimate occasions

    Tea-time with friends, with delicate financier cakes and pastries further enhanced by the Champagne’s sweetness

  • Great occasions

    As an Easter lunch comes to a close, to accompany desserts at the end of the meal

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Pique nique
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