la champagne par les champenois

A community dedicated to its region and its wine

Passion and hospitality

A region and its community where life revolves around Champagne

Welcome to Champagne! Visitors to our region will notice straightaway that Champagne is everywhere! Already, on your way here, you will have seen the wine-growing landscapes with the vine-carpeted hillsides. There is something altogether captivating about this strong yet fragile nature, which each winegrower does their utmost to protect and look after day after day. 

These vineyards, which are so important to us, are what make Champagne unique and truly outstanding. Because we are so deeply attached to this region which gave rise to Champagne wines, anytime is a good time to chat with you about it and show you more! That’s why, in most Champagne homes, you’ll always find a bottle chilled ready for friends or family who come by for drinks. 

There is also a unique way of life and welcome to be had in Champagne: our bars and restaurants look forward to welcoming you for a sample of their finest cuvées over dinner or a drink in good company. For Champagne isn’t just about partying and special occasions here. It’s so much more than that. Champagne is our heritage and our identity

We have dreamt up a thousand and one ways for you to experience our region. Whether you’re an outdoor lover, an architecture or history enthusiast, a foodie, night owl, or perhaps looking for a break, a chance to unwind instead, you’ll find just what you’re looking for here.  

Extrait de la video Champagne au champenois
Somewhere in Champagne, on the set of the film CHAMPAGNE!

Come and explore the multi-faceted Champagne region

To unlock the secrets of Champagne, pay a visit to a Champagne House or Grower. They will delight in telling you about their own chapter in our shared history and how Champagne is made. Would you like an opportunity to experience what harvest time in Champagne is like? You can! By taking part in the "Grape picker for a day" campaign. A grower will be on hand to welcome you and tell you about their estate and their terroir, before showing you what a grape picker’s job entails, out among the rows of vines themselves... 

Vendange d'un jour

If you’d rather relax than roll up your sleeves, opportunities abound for tasting our Champagne wines in a peaceful setting.


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Paysage de Champagne
Champagne, a UNESCO World Heritage site
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