Champagne Blanc de Noirs

Punch and body

A full-bodied, heady Champagne


A Champagne produced from black grapes

The name "Blanc de Noirs" refers to a Champagne made from black grape varieties alone such as Pinot Noir and/or Meunier. Their flesh, and therefore the juice that will give its colour to the future Champagne wine, is white. During the pressing stage, contact between juice and skins is limited to the minimum in order to avoid colouring.

These Champagne wines give an impression of power, density and structure. They generally have more body than wines that include white grapes in their blend. They also have what’s known as "vinosity". A vinous Champagne is a wine with a powerful body. The term refers to the sensation of heat on the palate. In this regard, these Champagnes contrast with other lighter, more aerial wines.

Pinot Noir and Meunier produce notes of white and yellow fruits (peaches, apricots and plums), as well as red fruits (strawberries, raspberries and cherries) and even black fruits (blackberries and blueberries), citrus fruits (mandarins and oranges), exotic fruits (mangos and passion fruit), floral touches (roses, peonies and violets) and sometimes spices (cinnamon and cloves). When older, they develop notes of coffee, cocoa, prunes, and sometimes leather. They’ll also include aromas of brioche, fresh butter, biscuit dough or toast.

 Tasting of Champagne Blanc de Noirs  Tasting of Champagne Blanc de Noirs
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Our favourite

An explosive pairing: Crisp roast suckling pig

The succulence of pork goes perfectly with the power of Champagne Blanc de Noirs.

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For what sort of occasions?

  • Intimate occasions

    A dinner with your loved ones, where a heart-warming family dish is served

  • Great occasions

    Christmas Eve, when it enhances meat dishes, roasts, stews...

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