Vintage Champagne

The prestige that a year brings

A Champagne to make the best years all the better


An exceptional Champagne

When a year deserves to be exalted, when a harvest reveals a typicity worth preserving, a Vintage Champagne is produced. A Vintage Champagne can be of any type. The choice is up to the winemaker and the winemaker alone. To mark its characteristics, it will spend at least 36 months in the cellar and often a good deal longer.

A Vintage Champagne is a wine of great character that carries its year’s markers within it. These are prestigious wines, usually reserved for special occasions. But they can also be enjoyed during aperitifs with friends, in discovery of new, more pronounced aromas, such as undergrowth, gingerbread, dried fruit, coffee, cocoa and raisins.

 Tasting of Vintage Champagne  Tasting of Vintage Champagne
Our favourite

An explosive pairing: gambas, caper and garlic butter

The character of the gambas, further exalted by capers and garlic, is in many ways reminiscent of that to be found in a Vintage Champagne.

Our tips

For what sort of occasions?

  • Intimate occasions

    Reunions with old friends

  • Great occasions

    To celebrate the arrival of a newborn, it’s the ideal Champagne to mark the occasion!

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Choosing your Champagne

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