Coupes de Champagne

A truly one-of-a-kind wine

Unveil all the secrets of Champagne wines

The Champagne region

See just how diverse the multi-faceted Champagne production zone really is

Spread across different wine-growing sub-regions, the Champagne production area benefits from its richly varied landscapes.

The grape varieties in Champagne

Find out about the grape varieties

Several grape varieties are used to make Champagne, each one bringing its own distinctive hallmark.

Vendanges en août 202
Pressoir en Champagne
Cuves en inox en Champagne
Cave Pierre Gerbais, à Celles-sur-Ource
The places

Champagne vines

How a cluster forms

The places

The press

From cluster to grape juice

The places

The fermentation room

From grape juice to wine

The places

The Champagne wine cellars

When wine becomes Champagne

Champagne and its people

The beating heart of the Champagne region

Meet these dedicated individuals who bring out the full potential of this terroir day after day.

magnum champagne
The Champagne bottle

There’s a bottle for every occasion!

Champagne is the only wine to use such a wide variety of bottle formats

The Champagne designation

The embodiment of a unique know-how and terroir

The designation attests to the inimitable nature of Champagne wines and protects consumers