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Our region is like us – multi-faceted, welcoming, authentic and bubbly! We can’t wait to show you round it!

Bourgeons sur un cep de vigne en Champagne
Paysage d'été en champagne
Vendanges en Champagne
La champagne en hiver
Champagne and its seasons

Spring… When nature awakens

Champagne in springtime is a haven of nature: trees, flowers, wildlife. Nature is springing back to life!

Champagne and its seasons

Summer, an unspoilt natural environment shimmering in the sunshine

There is no better season for observing the ripening grapes on an outing through the vines.

Champagne and its seasons

Autumn, and the vines are all ready for harvest

It's time. The Champagne harvests have begun! A fabulous ballet takes place among the vines at harvest time.

Champagne and its seasons

The end of a cycle... wintertime

The approaching Christmas and New Year festivities keep everyone on their toes. This is a busy time for Champagne Houses and Growers alike.

 Champagne, a UNESCO World Heritage site  Champagne, a UNESCO World Heritage site
A UNESCO World Heritage site

A distinction for all those involved in growing and making Champagne

Since 2015, the Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This listing recognises the region’s outstanding universal value.