Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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The Comité Champagne


Champagne Growers and Houses


Champagne Growers and Houses


The Champagne trade association represents the collective body of growers and Champagne Houses.

Complementary trades united by a common passion for Champagne

NM : Négociant manipulant. A person or legal entity that buys grapes, grape must or wine to make Champagne on their own premises and market it under their own label.
All of the big Champagne Houses belong in this category.

RM : Récoltant manipulant. A grower who makes and markets Champagne under their own label, from grapes exclusively sourced from their own vineyards and processed on their own premises.

RC : Récoltant-coopérateur. A cooperative-grower who markets co-op produced Champagne under their own label.

CM : Coopérative de manipulation. A wine co-op that markets Champagne made from members’ grapes.

SR : Société de Récoltants. A family firm of growers that makes and markets Champagne under its own label, using grapes sourced from family vineyards. 

ND : Négociant distributeur. A distributor who buys in finished bottles of Champagne for labelling on their own premises.

MA : Marque d'Acheteur. An ‘own brand’ wine label produced exclusively for one client (supermarket, celebrity or other).

These initials form part of Champagne labelling requirements and must be used on every bottle of Champagne. See page ‘Reading a Champagne label’.


Champagne houses


Champagne Growers


The Comité Champagne

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