Champagne komt uit de Champagnestreek
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Tandis qu’ils s’affairent à la préparation de la 10ème édition du Concours européen des Ambassadeurs du Champagne, les Bureaux du Champagne dans le monde saisissent toutes les opportunités pour éduquer et former les publics les plus divers.

In BRAZIL the Slow Food & Film Festival has been an ideal opportunity to meet fine food professionals in Brasília in September and explain just what it is that makes the Champagne appellation d'origine unique.

In SPAIN, student sommeliers and teachers at the Basque Culinary Centre, San Sebastian ( benefited from the knowledge of Dani Corman, winner of the Spanish finals of the 2010 Ambassadors' Awards Competition. Representing several Spanish-speaking nationalities, these students were initiated into the subtleties of Champagne wine making before taking part in a commentated wine tasting.


The ITALIAN Bureau du Champagne was delighted to have 41 applications for eight seminars scheduled for September 2015! Thanks to the efficient and enthusiastic network of Italian Champagne Ambassadors, champagne now has (almost) no secrets for the 175 students and 24 teachers of the hotel colleges in Rome, Venice, Pavia, Calabria and Sardinia.
"Training is always a rich, intense experience. As I stand up in front of young people who are not yet adults, I'm excited to share the champagne story with them because I realise that I have two hours in which to sow the seeds of an interest that may, when they leave the room, draw them to go on learning and tasting." Chiara Giovoni, Champagne Ambassador 2012.


Champagne and fine dining in JAPAN with a conference breakfast at the Florilège restaurant in Shibuya led by the Director of the Bureau du Champagne and the chef Hiroyasu Kawate. (


September is when the SWISS hotel colleges of Lausanne, Les Roches, Vatel and Glion hold their Champagne awards competition. Preparing selections at workshops led by trainer Byron Catechis (WSET).


The Masters degree in management, marketing and economics for the wines and eaux-de-vie industry at the Lausanne School attracts students from around the world. This course includes a period of training at the Champagne organisation.

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