Champagne komt uit de Champagnestreek
#MYCHAMPAGNE, influencers week, 3rd edition
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#MYCHAMPAGNE, influencers week, 3rd edition

Following the success of the second edition, the #MYCHAMPAGNE experience is coming back from october 7th to 12th.

Follow the Champagne official account on Instagram: @Champagne_Officiel

This third edition bring together 9 new influencers from all over the world: Canada, USA, Mexico, Russia, UK, France, Nigeria, China et Australia. 

During the 5-day activity, they will be able to discover the secrets of Champagne and its exceptional terroir.

Through their social media, they will share their exceptional week with their Instagram followers, all the publications will be relayed with the hashtag #MYCHAMPAGNE.

On the agenda : meeting with the Growers and the Houses, tasting, cultural activities, discovery of Champagne sustainable development commitment - Viticulture Durable en Champagne - but also wine tourism with the ambassadors of the brand La Champagne - refined art de vivre.

As the real message-deliverers, these 9 influencers will share their experience to the new generation and less traditional target audience and arouse interest for Champagne.

If you do not want to miss this extraordinary event, follow the official account of @Champagne_Officiel.

To relive the previous experience, click here

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Welkom op de officiële website van de Champagne

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Hebt u de wettelijk vereiste leeftijd?

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