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Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Winegrowing in Champagne


Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne certification

An official recognition of Champagne winemakers’ environmental performance.
Sustainable viticulture in Champagne refers to the application of sustainable development principles to viticulture.

It is a voluntary approach that relies on the day-to-day commitment of Champagne winemakers in 3 areas:

  • Biodiversity footprint
  • Carbon footprint
  • Water footprint

The aim of certification is to minimize the pressure of viticulture practices on the environment (air, climate, water, soil, biodiversity, landscapes).

Over 120 points are covered by the Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne frame of reference introduced by the Comité Champagne and recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture in May 2015.

As with national environmental certifications, auditing and certification awards are the responsibility of a recognized independent certifying body.
After just three years’ existence, over 13% of the Champagne vineyard has already been certified.

Certified winery directories

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