Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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The most attractive part of the Marne river, which is 525kms long, is without a doubt the point at which it flows through the Champagne vineyards. The town of Château-Thierry (home of ]ean de la Fontaine who has inspired a museum and an annual festival) is surrounded by welcoming villages: Crouttes, Charly, Nogent-l’Artaud, Romeny-sur-Marne (visited by countless impressionist painters), Condé-en-Brie (castle of the princes of Condé), Mézy-Moulins (fine church) and many more.

Discover this trail

Leaving Dormans (13th century church, Louis XIII castle and chapel commemorating the battles of the Marne) going towards Epernay, there are two routes that wind their way through the hillside vineyards.

The one on the left bank goes through Troissy, Mareuil-le-Port and Oeuilly (interesting churches), Boursault (19th century Renaissance style church) and Vauciennes (fine church).

The road on the right bank takes you to Châtillon-sur-Marne (view and impressive statue of Pope Urbain II who was born in Champagne and summoned the faithful to the first crusade in 1095), Damery (birthplace of the early 18th century actress Adrienne Lecouvreur who played the heroines in Racine’s tragedies) and Hautvillers (splendid view and abbey church where Dom Pérignon is buried).

Map of Marne Valley

Cellar visits and Champagne tastings

Winegrowers, Champagne Houses of the Marne valley

Meet the winemakers – Growers, Champagne Houses and Cooperatives – and learn first-hand what makes Champagne wines so special. Use the details here as the basis for your travel plan, so you visit different production areas in turn and taste the wines made by different wineries.

Pick your winery of Marne Valley