Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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The pleasant, rolling landscape around Bar-sur-Seine (church and ancient lanes) is dotted with typical villages: Essoyes (home of the painter Auguste Renoir), Les Riceys (old houses), Mussy-sur-Seine (church and castle), Noë-les-Mallets (spectacular view).

A trail composed of villages

To the north, Bar-sur-Aube (churches and 16th century wooden gallery) is within easy reach of bucolic countryside that is home to peaceful villages such as Arrentières, Arconville and Lignol-le-Château.

At the boundary of the departments of the Aube and the Haute-Marne, the village of Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises attracts crowds of visitors every year who come to spend some quiet moments at General de Gaulle’s graveside.

Before reaching the vineyards, take a stroll or relax by the lake in the forest of Orient. The town of Troyes, while outside the wine-growing area proper, is still worth a visit. Wander down ancient lanes lined with half-timbered houses. Admire imposing 14th and 15th century dwellings. Visit rich museums and numerous churches decorated with statues and stained glass windows of memorable beauty.

Map of Côte des bar

Cellar visits and Champagne tastings

Winegrowers, Champagne Houses of Côte des Bar

Meet the winemakers – Growers, Champagne Houses and Cooperatives – and learn first-hand what makes Champagne wines so special. Use the details here as the basis for your travel plan, so you visit different production areas in turn and taste the wines made by different wineries.

Pick your winery of Côte des Bar

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