Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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From Vine to wine


Vine husbandry


Four seasons in the vineyard

Like all grapevines, those in Champagne have a seasonal growing pattern. What makes Champagne vines exceptional is the daily care lavished upon them by Champagne winegrowers.


Paysage de Champagne aux différentes saisons


Pruning commences after the harvest, as soon as the leaves start to fall and the vine itself is accessible for attention. Pruning is the focus of winter vine maintenance.

> Pruning


Seasonal growth resumes, and with it the daily round of tasks aimed at meeting the challenges ahead. The ultimate success of the crop will depend on unceasing vineyard maintenance from this point forward.

> Vineyard maintenance


The weather now plays a decisive role in the quality of the crop. Maintenance continues throughout the summer to promote the development of good quality fruit.

> Vineyard maintenance


A time of harvesting when the whole of Champagne swings into action. Picking dates depend on the findings of a ripening observation network – they are never decided in advance. Dates usually fall in September but vineyards may begin harvesting as early as late August or as late as early October.

> Harvesting

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