Tourism in Champagne

Events celebrating our love of Champagne are held year-round

Some are eagerly awaited calendar highlights for the whole region. 22 January is the feast day of St Vincent, the patron saint of winegrowers. Organised by the Archiconfrérie Saint-Vincent, a wine-growing fraternity, Growers and Houses come together to celebrate this highly symbolic date.  

Saint Vincent en Champagne

At the end of July, Aube hosts Champagne Route in Celebration. This light-hearted, joyous festival is a great opportunity to meet with the region’s growers and taste their cuvée wines.  

The end of the harvest is another annual highlight for the whole of the wine region which, after weeks of labour, can finally take a well-earned break to celebrate their efforts! This end-of-harvest party is called Le Cochelet in Marne and Le Chien in Aube. When all the grape clusters have been delivered to the pressing centres, the 120,000 or so pickers get together one last time for a celebratory meal! 

At the end of October, in Aisne, the Champagne et Vous festival organises a whole host of tastings, concerts and other activities to whisk you behind the scenes of how Champagne is made. 

The 4th Friday in October is Champagne Day. A special day each year when the Champagne terroir takes pride of place, not just in the region but all over the world! Professional tastings, Champagne dinners; there are all sorts of ways Champagne Day can be celebrated! 

Bouteille Champagne Day

In December, head to Épernay for Les Habits de Lumière, an unmissable festive extravaganza! The iconic Avenue de Champagne sparkles with light and colour! Each House along the Avenue shows off its courtyard to striking effect. Light shows are projected on the building fronts: a sensational event not to be missed! 

Habits de lumière à Épernay
Habits de lumière à Épernay

Music to your ears

For music fans, Champagne hosts an exciting line-up of concerts and festivals all year round. Alongside the famous Foire de Châlons show is the Foire en Scène festival for example, where a great many renowned musicians have performed.  

At the end of May, a whole programme of concerts is put on at the Foires de Champagne in Troyes. A relaxed atmosphere for all the family awaits!  

So what are you waiting for? Come and join in! We look forward to welcoming you to Champagne, and sharing our beautiful region, our wines and our hospitality with you.

Terroir, culture and history

Let’s leave the countryside behind now and head into town. Reims, Troyes, Épernay or Château-Thierry, take your pick! Each town boasts a wealth of heritage and a packed activity programme all year round. Sightseeing of their cathedrals, historical monuments and wine cellars – not least the symbolic crayères in Reims, wine cellars hollowed directly out in the chalk subsoil which have gained recognition on the UNESCO World Heritage list. 

Les halles du Boulingrin

Be sure to pop in to the Boulingrin covered market while you’re in Reims. A treasure-trove of Champagne culture awaits in this historical monument built in 1929 in a modern architectural style. The local producers you’ll meet there will happily tell you more about their profession and their products. If you’re a fan of authentic local produce, every year more than 200,000 visitors flock to the Foire de Châlons show, making it the second most popular agricultural show in France. 

Champagne’s history goes back centuries. A visit to Champagne is akin to taking a fascinating trip through this history, from the Romans to the Kings of France, from the beginnings of sparkling wine to the official recognition of the Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Museums, castles, memorials: the region is home to countless monuments for journeying back in time.

Visite cuverie Champagne

Even on a simple wander through our streets, you’ll be surprised by how many subtle references to Champagne you come across, harking back through the ages, on the architecture around. On a building front at the end of a street, you might suddenly spot a few bunches of grapes. On the monumental Subé fountain or Porte de Mars arch in Reims, you can make out vine leaves that leave no doubt as to the region’s historical ties with viticulture.

Champagne’s museums shine the spotlight on Champagne and are a fantastic place to come and find out more about this fabulous wine. Why not head to the museum in Épernay for example! In Aÿ, Pressoria has an immersive experience in store, calling on all your senses: look, touch, smell and listen; to unlock the mysteries of Champagne wine! 

Cœur de Troyes

A day out to the wonderful city of Troyes is also heartily recommended for its medieval history. Troyes is a charming, picturesque town, its streets and squares lined with colourful half-timbered houses which give it a truly authentic feel. With magnificent churches, its cathedral dedicated to St Peter & St Paul and 16th century townhouses, the city is like an open-air museum! Enjoy strolling down its quaint little streets to the banks of the River Seine, or admiring the city’s oldest half-timbered houses in the Saint-Nizier district. Have a closer look at the shape of the city centre on a map, and you’ll see that it resembles a Champagne cork!  

At the gateway to the Champagne region, the town of Château-Thierry awaits with its fair share of history and historical monuments, including medieval castles, churches and museums. Château-Thierry is also the town where the famous 17th century writer of fables, Jean de la Fontaine, was born.  

A paradise for nature lovers

Champagne is often talked about as if it was a single region. But it would be more accurate to say Champagne regions, in the plural, as it is so multifaceted! Just like its wine, its different grape varieties and its infinite array of aromas. And its landscapes, with its patchwork of forests, vines, flatlands, villages and towns, lakes and rivers.

Champagne is truly a wonderland for nature lovers! You’ll fall under its spell whatever the season. In the spring, the trees break out into leaf and the days become milder. Just the season for a cycle ride through the gently rolling scenery. The sweeping views from the hilltops will take your breath away! Lose yourself amidst the rows of vines that spread out before you, as far as the eye can see. In the warmer summer months, head to the lakes and rivers for a refreshing dip or canoe outing on the water, to cool off. In the autumn, vibrant shades of orange and yellow grace the vines. Looking out over the Champagne countryside in the evening light, it will look as if the vineyards are cloaked in gold. As the temperatures drop and the vines gradually shed their leaves, a deep sense of calm fills these landscapes. 

Tourist trails

Explore the Champagne region

Vallée de la marne
Distance - 199km

Vallée de la Marne

An immersive experience into the region’s heritage, combining historical sites with stunning views over the River Marne and its valley.

Vignes et Cathédrale de Reims © Michaël Boudot
Distance - 152 km

Reims and its region

Discover the places that gave birth to the Champagne legend and enjoy truly out-of-the-ordinary experiences as you get to know Champagne in unexpected ways.

Coteaux vitryats
Distance - 94 km

The Côteaux Vitryats

Set off on a jaunt through Champagne, taking in a whole series of out-of-the-ordinary immersive and sensory experiences.

Vignoble de Montgueux 002 © Studio OG - Troyes La Champagne Tourisme
Distance - 244 km

Côte des Bar

A trail that will take you through iconic historical and cultural sites, for a getaway providing a real change of scene.

Epernay et sa région
Distance - 153km

Épernay and its region

An invitation to discover Champagne in all its diversity: vines, gardens, emblematic Houses, monuments, wine cellars, and much more besides…