A Champagne Story : seasons

"A Champagne Story: seasons", the first online game 100% focused on Champagne

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The first game on Champagne

What is "A Champagne story: seasons"?

A Champagne Story: seasons is a game on Champagne (also known as a Serious Game) which, through a story interspersed with educational and immersive activities, proposes a new way of learning about Champagne, its hallmarks and industry as a whole.

This game about Champagne can be played on mobile and desktop devices, across all browsers, all over the world.

It is currently available in French and English*.

Who is this game about Champagne aimed at?

If you would like to (re)acquaint yourself with Champagne or test your knowledge from a different angle, this game is for you!

Learn while playing

A Champagne adventure

"A Champagne Story : seasons"




Thanks to the sleek design of this game about Champagne, you can experience a whole year in Champagne, through the seasons, in just 30 minutes!

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You play a young woman from Champagne. Together with your siblings, you are embarking on the adventure of making Champagne by taking over the family estate. Will you succeed in bringing a fresh, new touch while upholding the values of H. Savalie Champagne?

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* German, Italian, Japanese and Dutch translations of the game coming soon.

"A Champagne Story : seasons"
"A Champagne story : seasons" - teaser
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