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Champagne MOOC - become a Champagne expert

Publié le 17/10/22 Lecture 5 min

The Comité Champagne is launching the Champagne MOOC*, the authoritative Champagne education course!

So what is the Champagne MOOC?

How does the course work?

The Champagne MOOC is an online training platform enabling you to follow a course comprising four modules. The modules focus on how Champagne is made, the terroir, history, the diversity of Champagne wines, and the secrets to tasting Champagne, with the aim being to build or increase knowledge of the subject.

Who is the target audience?

The Champagne MOOC is just right for you, wherever you are located, whether you are a wine industry professional - an oenologist, sommelier, journalist, wine merchant, trainer, tourism industry stakeholder, student, or just a lover of the "king of wines".

The Champagne MOOC: a unique educational tool

A new way of learning

Presented by Jérémy Cukierman, Master of Wine 2017, and a number of Champagne professionals, the large number of videos that make up the Champagne MOOC are available in French and English, and are subtitled in seven other languages. Students take a quiz on each of the modules in order to test their knowledge throughout the course.

How long does it take?

The Champagne MOOC is fun and interactive owing to its innovative approach. You will gain all the information that you need to enhance your understanding of this great wine at your own pace. The platform is available 24/7 and the course takes under five hours to complete.

An exclusive premium version

What's the advantage? The premium version offers access to additional content in a fifth "upgrading" module. Students also obtain the official Champagne MOOC** statement of completion issued by the Comité Champagne if they take the option of the paid premium version (only €49!).

Champagne will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Register right away on: champagne-mooc.com

* Massive Open Online Course: open online course, available 24/7.

**Subject to achieving the required scores in the quizzes (available in French and English).



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