Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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Champagne: a promising harvest and a confident outlook

The Champagne vineyards are flourishing thanks to a warm, dry spring with lower than average rainfall from March to June and no significant weather events to-date. All the signs indicate that the crop should be ready to pick at the start of September.

Champagne shipments in the first semester are up 1% compared to the same period last year. The situation in France does however remain fragile, while other EU and especially non-EU countries are enjoying sustained growth.

It was in this context that Champagne Growers and Houses held a meeting in Epernay, under the aegis of the Comité Champagne. Both parties agreed to set the yield for the 2014 Champagne harvest at 10,500 kilograms per hectare, including 400 kg/hectare allowed to be released from producer’s reserve stocks, rising to 500 kg/ha if sales exceed 307 million bottles by year end. Vineyard owners can also put up to 3,100 kg/ha into their own reserve stocks, providing that reserve does not exceed the limit prescribed by regulations.

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Thibaut Le Mailloux
Comité Champagne
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