Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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Press releases


First decisions about the 2015 Champagne harvest

Following a trouble-free start to the vine-growing year, the drought that has set in since late May has left the vines short of water and this, in addition to the heat waves in June and July, has slowed vine growth. Now more than ever, weather conditions over the coming weeks will be crucial for the grape harvest's volume and quality. As things stand, picking could commence on around 10 September.

Champagne shipments for the first semester are stable compared with the same period last year.

Within this context, at a meeting today of the Comité Champagne, winegrowers and Champagne houses agreed on a marketable yield of 10,500 kilos/hectare, with 500 kilos/hectare to be released from the Champagne reserve.

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Comité Champagne
Thibaut Le Mailloux
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