Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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Press releases


Mongolia recognizes the Champagne geographical indication

Mongolia has officially recognized Champagne as a geographical indication. This decision will provide Champagne wines with an effective and extended level of protection against misuse of the Champagne name.

A geographical indication is a specific intellectual property right designating a product from a specific region, whose specific characteristics result from both the natural conditions of each region and the expertise of local producers.

Although geographical indications are frequent in most countries across the globe, Champagne is one of the oldest, most famous and most prestigious.

At a ceremony held in Ulan Bator, Yves Delaunay, France's ambassador to Mongolia, praised "the fruitful and intensive cooperative links between Mongolia and France, in particular in the context of geographical indications". For his part, Chinbat Namjil, Director General of the Intellectual Property Office in Mongolia, spoke of "Mongolia's commitment to the concept of geographical indications and the protection of intellectual property rights".

Jean-Luc Barbier, Managing Director of the Comité Champagne, noted with satisfaction that "this registration will enable the Mongolian authorities to take effective action against sparkling wines that abuse the Champagne name".

In the Champagne region, located 150 kilometres east of Paris, Champagne growers and houses have been producing an exceptional sparkling wine under stringent regulations for more than three centuries. Champagne wines are enjoyed by a growing number of consumers. 305 million bottles of Champagne were shipped to 180 countries in 2013.

Champagne’s commercial success and fame excite a great deal of envy. The Comité Champagne, which represents the Champagne growers and houses, works tirelessly to protect the Champagne name. Only wines that benefit from this geographical indication may be called Champagne.

Ulan Bator, 15 October 2014

In the presence of the Ambassador of France in Ulan Bator, the representative of the Mongolian government hands the certificate of registration of the Champagne appellation to the managing director of the Comité Champagne.