Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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The Comité Champagne

About us


The Comité Champagne acts on behalf of growers and Champagne Houses to promote the vine and wine in the following areas:

  • Economic
  • Technical 
  • Environmental
  • Quality management
  • Sector management
  • Communication
  • Reputation-building 
  •  International protection of the Champagne Appellation

Striking the right economic balance

The Comité Champagne looks to create a more balanced market for growers and Champagne Houses alike. A key objective is reconciling fluctuating harvest yields with the more stable requirements of the wine producers.
The Comité Champagne keeps a record of all transactions relating to Champagne production and manages the Champagne qualitative reserve. 

A vineyard and winery at the forefront of innovation

The Comité Champagne keeps its members constantly informed of the very latest advances in vineyard management and wine-making technology. R & D findings (more than 200 experiments a year) are shared with members via information bulletins and field demonstrations.

 Champagne education and promotion

The Comité Champagne supplies the following instruments and resources to promote the diversity of Champagne wines:

  • Public education tools
  • Professional documentation describing the basis of the Champagne Appellation
  • The Champagne website,, for wine professionals and general public alike
  • Media and public relations
  • A rolling programme of ‘tailor-made’ visits and wine-tasting seminars for members of the press and decision-makers

International protection of the Champagne Appellation

The Comité Champagne operates via a global network of Bureaus in the biggest export markets for Champagne. Their job is to protect the image of Champagne within their respective markets and to report misuse of the Champagne name. Some disputes may be settled out of court, some go to trial.


Champagne houses


Champagne Growers

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