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#MYCHAMPAGNE, Influencers week!
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#MYCHAMPAGNE, Influencers week!

From 8th to 12th October, 12 influencers came from all corners of the world to discover the riches of the Champagne terroir and unlock the secrets of Champagne during the #MYCHAMPAGNE campaign.

Each participant's community was able to follow this amazing week on social media, where their posts were available via the hashtag #Mychampagne. The dedicated hashtag was used throughout the event, enabling all Champagne enthusiasts to share the 12 influencers' various experiences: visits to Champagne Houses and independent producers, tastings, cultural discoveries, cookery workshops etc.

Experts in getting the message across, these 12 men and women aroused interest in and secured new followers for Champagne among a younger, less traditional target public.

Relive this week in pictures!

Follow the Champagne official account on Instagram @Champagne_Officiel

More photos :


Check out these 12 personalities via their Instagram accounts:

Laura Jung, USA - @cityfoodie

Leyla Kazim, UK - @thecutlerychronicles

Diala Canealo, Canada - @dialaskitchen

Björn Bittner, Germany - @bjrlebouquet

Luciano Pignataro, Italy - @luciano_pignataro

Maya Samuelsson, Sweden - @maya_samuelsson

Lisa Teh, Australia - @lisacouturing

Ryuji Sekihiro, Japan - @pepe39

You Jin, South Korea - @lady_uzine

Bo Hu, China - @traveling_cocohu

Claudio Poblete, Mexico - @cmexicana

Charlene Liu, Taiwan - @coindevanity

Follow the Champagne official account on Instagram @Champagne_Officiel

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