Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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Tasting & Appreciation


Champagne and food


Vintage Champagne and food for special occasions

Vintage Champagne, exceptional wines for exceptional occasions, intimate gatherings, family reunions, celebrating with friends, memorable, magical moments in life.
Leading oenologists and master chefs in champagne suggest distinctive combinations that bring out all the taste and aromas of food for special occasions and vintage champagne.

Simple dishes

A triumph of understatement; dishes that leave you free to add your personal touch and exercise your culinary skills.

Refined dishes

Simple to prepare (steamed, wrapped in ravioli, à la nage) or requiring more elaborate techniques (stuffed meat, meat in sauces or cooked in a salt crust); delicate dishes that combine refined texture with rich, powerful flavours.

Dishes to serve with caution

Spicy, hot, strong tasting dishes; foods with a "dry" crisp texture or those that are excessively sweet and bitter (such as chocolate).

Dishes to avoid

Dishes with a liquid or insubstantial texture; sharp tastes of lemon or vinegar, olives and pickles; marinades, garlic and crudités.

Chart of food and vintage Champagne combination



Au naturel

Complex, subtle, rich cuvees of older vintage. Blanc de blancs Champagne or created mainly from white grapes.

Cold oysters

Au naturel or in aspic

Lively, radiant, light, blanc de blancs Champagne of recent vintage

Warm oysters

  Au naturel or with a light, crispy topping

Mellow, rounded, aromatic Champagne blended from three different grape varieties of recent vintage

Sea food and shellfish

  Au naturel

steamed Dim Sum style or in tempura    Lively, light blanc de blancs Champagne of recent vintage

Lobster, crayfish, langoustine

  Flavoured with spices, en papillotes or au gratin

Powerful, robust blanc de noirs Champagne,


In a cream sauce or à la nage Complex and reach cuvées that contain mainly white grapes
Foie gras Au naturel or with toast Rich Champagne, either mainly from white or black grapes but of older vintage
Salmon Lightly smoked, in aspic, marinated with herbs, with sushi Light and radiant blanc de blancs Champagne of recent vintage
Poultry, goose, duck With a rich stuffing (chicken livers, foie gras, herbs, chestnuts….), roasted, glazed with honey or seasoned with spices Powerful and delicate Champagne mainly from black grapes of older vintage
Meats (lamb, beef,) In a wine or cream sauce, simple roast or en croûte Mellow, aromatic, round Champagne from three different grape varieties of recent vintage
Game Civet or served with mushrooms or chestnuts    Intense Champagne. Powerful, robust, blanc de noirs, blanc de blancs or rosé of older vintage
Desserts Rich, cream-based desserts Older vintage, rosé or demi-sec

The art of serving

How to choose glasses


Champagne MOOC

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