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Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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Since the 17th. Century, Family BARON owns and cultivate vineyards in Champagne vineyard area. In 1967, as a symbol of their union, Gabriel BARON and Dolores FUENTE named their brand new company: “Champagne Baron Fuenté”. The company kept on developing year after year and today, Baron Fuenté owns 35 hectares of vineyards in the village of Charly-Sur- Marne, on the Westside of the Marne valley. The style of our champagne is dominated by the Meunier, bringing fruitiness and delicacy to the cuvees and blended with the finesse of the Chardonnay and the strength of the Pinot Noir.

21 Avenue Fernand Druet
02310 Charly sur Marne

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GPS: 48.9763548, 3.2970125

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Maximum visitor capacity: 10
Bus parking: yes
Nearby bus parking: yes
Hosting: no
Personnes à mobilité réduite: no

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French, English

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