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Champagne Chassenay d'Arce

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Champagne Chassenay d'Arce

A house of winemakers between tradition and modernity :

In a preserved valley in the South of Champagne, 130 families of winemakers exploit 325 hectares of unique vineyards in the Côte des Bar. Created in 1956 Chassenay d’Arce has great assets to create the best from its

-The skills necessary
-A diversity for the assemblies allowing the perfect balance
-A legacy of 60 years experience
-The modernity of the tools and the technical skills that make it a model of the future.

A vast range of champagnes from a Brut Tradition through vintages and a rare Pinot Blanc.

 Everything you need to know about the cellar  Everything you need to know about the cellar

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  • 11 RUE DU PRESSOIR - 10110 Ville Sur Arce
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