Paraguay recognizes and protects the Champagne appellation of origin

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In a decision dated October 29, 2020, the National Directorate of Intellectual Property of Paraguay officially registered the Champagne appellation. Hereafter, the Champagne appellation will be recognized and protected throughout the Paraguayan territory against any misuse or derived term of its name.

Paraguay thus joins the 122 countries list, including the majority of Latin American countries, China, India, etc., which already protect the name Champagne, one of the most notorious appellations in the world.

Vincent Perrin, CEO of the Champagne Committee, declares: "this decision is particularly important because it is the culmination of a procedure that was initiated in 2012 and suspended between 2015 and 2019 due to the pending publication of a decree allowing the application of the Paraguayan law on geographical indications. With this final and definitive outcome, the Champagne Committee once again illustrates its ability to successfully pioneer the implementation of new legislations on geographical indications in the world.”

This recognition is another step forward for the Champagne Committee, which works daily to protect the Champagne appellation throughout the world. "Beyond this success, our priority is the complete protection of our appellation in Argentina, but also in the United States and Russia, where many legal usurpations persist", says Vincent Perrin.

The legal concept of appellation of origin is a specific intellectual property right that designates a product from a given region, whose particular characteristics result both from the natural conditions of each region and the know-how of local producers.

While appellations of origin are numerous in most countries of the world, Champagne is among the oldest, best protected and most prestigious.

Épernay, November 12, 2020

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