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Cycling getaway across Champagne’s hillsides

Set off in discovery of the region and the diversity of its landscapes, from city to vineyard. A selection of original ideas on how to get to know Champagne differently, pedalling away at your own pace.

Compose your own getaway, as your wishes dictate!

Cathédrale de Reims

Champagne’s big cities

Unmissable places
to discover!

What better way of exploring our cities’ streets, monuments and emblematic sites than by bike?

Immerse yourself in these places steeped in history and culture!

Porte ancienne dans Reims
Cœur de Troyes

Reims, City of Coronations

History, art and culture

The city of Reims harbours a whole host of treasures to marvel at and explore. It’s a human-sized city that lends itself perfectly to visits by bike. As you pedal your way through it, take the time to admire its emblematic sites (four of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List), including Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral, the Ancient Roman Porte de Mars gateway, the Tau Palace, the Gallo-Roman cryptoporticus beneath Place du Forum, and the Art Deco building in the city centre.

Intérieure cathédrale de Reims

Royal presence

Reims is nicknamed "City of Coronations" and "City of Kings". Its nicknames reflect its history: it was in its Cathedral that most Kings of France were crowned, from Pepin the Short in 754 to Charles X in 1825.
Bottes colline saint nicaise

Saint-Nicaise Hill, a Champagne hotspot

While you’re in Reims, don’t miss out on a walk up Saint-Nicaise Hill! This UNESCO World Heritage site is famous for its former chalk pits, known as "crayères". They’re now used by six great Champagne Houses to store their precious bottles. They’re well worth a visit!

Troyes, the mediaeval city

Complete immersion in history

The city of Troyes is the former capital of Champagne and is now the region’s second city. Nothing less than a concentrate of history and culture, it’s also a friendly city sure to give you a warm welcome! By bike, lose yourself in the narrow little streets bordered by splendid half-timbered houses. Take the time to marvel at its unmissable sites, including Quai Dampierre, Sainte Madeleine Church and Hôtel Dieu.

Vignoble Bar sur Aube
Rue Emile-Zola 2 (2) © Studio OG - Troyes La Champagne Tourisme

A breathtaking panoramic view over the vineyards

The municipality of Montgueux is just a stone’s throw away from Troyes. If you’re something of an athlete, reach for the skies and climb to the top of the hill! Once you get up there, your efforts will be rewarded by a superb viewpoint over the city of Troyes and the Champagne region.


The capital of stained glass

Troyes boasts nine listed churches, including Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul Cathedral, classified as a Historical Monument and especially famous for its magnificent stained-glass windows. The Cathedral has almost 9000 m² of them! Aube, of which Troyes is the administrative centre, is known as the European capital of stained glass.

You don’t have a bicycle? Don’t worry!

Bicycle hire services are available depending on the places you want to explore: in Reims, hire a self-service bike via the Zébullo network, and in Troyes via the Marcel network.

"Zébullo" in Reims

"Le Marcel à Vélo" in Troyes

Paysage de vignes

The length and breadth of the Marne Valley

A varied outing between nature and culture

Cycling is a great way to explore the Marne Valley, a stunning region shaped by its hillsides and dotted with picturesque villages, châteaux and churches. Set off in quest of its heritage and inhabitants.

From Épernay to Dormans

Between canal and hillsides

A cycle route has been created along the Marne canal’s former towpaths. It will lead you off in untroubled discovery of the region’s treasures. If you like, it’s even possible to go by train and return by bike. You’ll be able to wonder at the hillsides rising on either side of the Marne, lovingly sculpted and shaped by human hands.

Vallée de la marne et canal
Vallée de la Marne

In the heart of Champagne’s hillsides

If you want to venture further into the Champagne region, why not set off to explore its hillsides? Watch out though, they can be quite a climb! You can also hire an ebike. If you do, discovery of this historical heritage, inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, will be child’s play!

From Dormans to Château-Thierry

On to Aisne’s vineyards

Looking for a getaway well off the beaten track? Continue on beyond Dormans, which marks the end of the Marne Valley cycle route. As you make your way to Château-Thierry, you’ll be able to admire the viticultural landscapes typical of Aisne, one of the gateways to Champagne. Take the time to stop a while in the locality of Montcouvent in Trélou-sur-Marne and find out what happened there…

Bonneil en Champagne
rose dans vignes

Feel like reaching for the sky?

Mount Bonneil is near Château-Thierry. Leave the bikes in Bonneil and make your way up the path across the village on foot. As you get up higher, the panorama gradually unfolds. At the top, a superb viewpoint over the vines awaits you. You’ll even find picnic tables if you want to take a revitalising gourmet break.


The Côte des Blancs

Chardonnay territory

The Côte des Blancs owes its name to the region’s predominant grape variety: Chardonnay, the Champagne appellation’s main white grape variety, which dotes on the chalky soils characteristic of the region. A region of rolling hills, which will delight cyclists who like to combine touring with sporting activity!


From one viewpoint to the next

Grauves is a little village nestling in a hollow in the hillsides. Take your courage in both hands and make your way up one of them, even if the climb is a tough one! When you get to the top, you’ll be able to enjoy a breathtaking view over Champagne’s vineyards. After this break in your journey, it’s time to get back on the saddle and pedal off to another outstanding viewpoint, Mount Aimé.

Vignes depuis le ciel

Between vine and geology

From the top of the hillsides that harbour Grauves, to the north, you’ll be able to see some particularly steep hills. Take a good look at their summits: you’ll be able to make out the chalky subsoil so characteristic of Champagne. A phenomenon at the crossroads between vine and geology.


Champagne’s other landscapes

A thousand-and-one shades

Champagne is a many-faceted region with a wide variety of landscapes, atmospheres, colours and people. In addition to its towns and vines, why not treat yourself to some of the other pleasures it has to offer?

Orient Forest’s lakes

Champagne where the waters take you

When you leave Saint-Julien-les-Villas, to the south of Troyes, take the Vélovoie, designed specially for bicycles. This 42-km itinerary includes magnificent panoramic views over Orient Forest’s lakes. Along the way, take the time to admire the traditional local architecture with its half-timbered houses. A complete change of scenery and plenty of fresh air guaranteed!

Velo coucher de soleil

Feel in need of a break?

If you want to take a well-deserved breather, each lake has its own special charm and characteristics. Lake Orient is ideal for a refreshing swim, or you can simply laze the time away on one of its sandy beaches. A range of activities is also on offer, including sailing, windsurfing and canoeing. Lake Temple is a real haven of peace and unspoilt nature, with uniquely developed fauna and flora. As for Lake Amance, it’s synonymous with powerboating. Why not try your hand at it?

The Orient lakes

The Montagne de Reims

Immersion in the heart of the countryside

Champagne is its vineyards, which goes without saying. But it’s its forest heritage as well, which is just as remarkable and well worth acquainting yourself with! The Montagne de Reims region contains three National Forests: Chêne à la Vierge, Hautvillers and Faux de Verzy. There are plenty of trails enabling you to explore them by bike. An opportunity to get away from it all, ideal for recharging your batteries.

Les Faux de Verzy ©PNRMR

Verzy’s dwarf beeches

The Forest of Verzy harbours a highly distinctive variety of beech: the "Faux de Verzy". The origin of these trees with their convoluted branches and trunks remains a mystery. Verzy Biological Reserve contains over 800 of them, on 57 hectares! Come and lose yourself in the midst of these fascinating trees. It’s like suddenly finding yourself in the middle of a fairytale.

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