Champagne kommt nur aus der Champagne


Welcome to the Champagne Bureau, USA


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Bureaux du Champagne

Welcome to the Bureau du Champagne, USA

The Champagne Bureau located in Washington, DC, is the U.S. representative of the Comité Champagne, the trade association that represents all the grape growers and houses of Champagne, France. The Bureau works to educate US consumers about the uniqueness of the wines of Champagne and expand their understanding of the importance location plays in the creation of all wines. We are intently focused on ensuring Champagne is properly protected in the United States, as it is in most of the rest of the world.

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1850 M Street, NW - Suite 900

Tél. (00/1/202) 777.3539
Fax. (00/1/202) 318.0063

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There is no Better Time to Visit Champagne, France

Summer is in full swing in France. The FIFA Women’s World Cup is nearing the finals, Bastille Day is around the corner, and the Tour de France begins July 28. There is no better time to be in France. If you are thinking about planning a trip to France, the Champagne region is only 90 miles northeast of Paris and easily accessible by public transit (takes less than 40 minutes by train).

The region’s climate, chalky soil, strict regulations and long history of winemaking combine to produce a sparkling wine that can only be made in one place: Champagne. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Champagne hillsides, houses and cellars provide visitors with an exceptional opportunity to experience the birthplace of Champagne wine and learn about the process and work ethic that has been passed down for generations and preserved in the 320 Champagne AOC districts located in the five French départements of Marne, Aube, Aisne, Haute-Marne and Seine-et-Marne.

When visiting any houses and growers in Champagne, be sure to look for the symbol to know which producers are quality-approved by the Comité Champagne to receive guests/visitors. More information to help plan the details of a trip can be found at the official Champagne website.

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