Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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Tasting & Appreciation


The art of serving Champagne


Pouring for the best show of bubbles

There is an art to pouring a glass of Champagne. Keep the flow slow and steady to encourage the bubbles to collect around the sides and settle there before you finish pouring.

  • Hold the bottle by its base (NOT by the neck)

  • Pour the Champagne wine in several steps, depending on the size of the glass and the show of bubbles.

  • Do not fill the glass more than two-thirds, so as to be able to inhale the aromas.

  • Give the wine a little bit of time to open. This will allow for full perception of the flavours.

  • Once it has been opened, there is no conservation method that will allow to preserve all the qualities of the wine.


See the video of the art of serving Champagne wine

The art of serving

How to choose glasses


Champagne MOOC

Consommation responsable


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