Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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New training initiative in Italy

‘Champagne with regional Italian cuisine’ is a competition for hotel schools organised by Champagne Bureau Italy. Commencing in 2003, it has proved a huge success with hotel schools across the country.

This Spring, the Bureau launched a new concept to reinforce its links with these schools, staging Champagne wine seminars for selected groups of 20-25 students and their teachers. Six schools took part in the scheme in the period April to June – a total of 102 students and 25 teachers

Training was provided by former winners of the Champagne Ambassadors Award Italy.
Items on the menu included:  formal academic teaching sessions; tasting technique; and the pairing of Champagne and food. Serving was handled by the students themselves

Concours écoles hôtelières Italie    Concours écoles hôtelières Italie

Teachers comments:

‘ A fabulous idea, one that students will remember for a long time to come – sure to influence their future development as professionals.’

‘ Great theoretical content for the level of training in question, and a very original approach to tasting.’

There is already no shortage of candidates for the 2014 edition!

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