El vino de Champagne es exclusivo de la región de Champagne
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Promoting and educating abroad

December offers a wide range of opportunities to get to know about champagne or celebrate in style with champagne, whether you are wrapping up warm to protect yourself from the onset of the wintry weather in the Northern hemisphere or you are taking advantage of the stunning summer weather in the Southern hemisphere. The Champagne Bureaus around the world are definitely not lacking in inspiration in the run-up to the festive season. Their motto is simple: educate, educate, and something good will always come out of it!


The Champagne Bureau has temporarily taken up residence in the stunning setting of the Wolgan Valley ( and the Byron at Byron resort ( to show the readers of the top-end publication Australian Country Style that the sheer diversity of champagne wines offer worthy pairings with the dishes concocted by Australia’s finest chefs.
And then there was round two of the year for the Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society, these female heads of business who are delighted to leave behind their responsibilities for a short while and attend a champagne lecture and tasting session.

United Kingdom

The British really know how to celebrate Christmas in style, and the U.K. champagne bureau’s manager is well aware of it! Requests for training are flooding into the bureau in the run-up to Christmas: future hotel managers studying at the Oxford School of Hospitality, students from the famous London School of Economics (LSE) and consumers with the ‘Christmas spirit' are all eager to learn everything there is to know about champagne.

Spain and Italy

Photography is being showcased in the Champagne Bureaus. A few days after the famous Italian photographer Bob Krieger, the Spanish artist Ouka Leele was awarded the 2015 Champagne Joie de Vivre Prize. It could be said that photography is bubbling with themes and offers sparkling depictions: art and champagne definitely have plenty in common.

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