Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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Terroir & appellation


History of the Champagne vineyard and appellation


History of the Champagne vineyard and appellation

From the Romans who first made their mark on the area, to the world-famous reputation that Champagne enjoys today – the making of the appellation reads like an adventure story. One that spans several centuries, with many twists and turns.

Once upon a time …

… there was an exceptional terroir that produced wines like no other. Over the centuries man’s talent mastered the characteristic effervescence to create the purest expression of these wines’ particular delicacy. The wines soon became noted for their originality, appreciated by discerning wine lovers around the world thanks to the pioneers who took Champagne to new markets

A legendary allure

By the early 20th Century, Champagne was already something of a legend – and the battle for delimitation was at its height. The official recognition of the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée Champagne was the culmination of a long process dedicated to the demarcation and regulation of the Champagne production area. Since then, the appellation has gone from strength to strength, its qualities promoted to the widest possible audience by the Comité Champagne and its members.

For producers and consumers alike, the Champagne Appellation has come to stand as a benchmark of authenticity and an almost visionary quality.

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