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2018 European Champagne Ambassadors Competition

2018 European Champagne Ambassadors Competition

Wine educators invited to compete on the theme of disgorgement and dosage within champagne production

Launched in 2005 by the Comité Champagne, the European Champagne Ambassadors Competition is open to all champagne enthusiasts whose job is to impart their wine knowledge to others. This contest seeks to foster a spirit of competition within champagne education. Irrespective of their background, contestants must be able to prove they are actively involved in teaching and knowledge sharing, whether in a hotel management school, wine tasting club, etc.

The Comité Champagne has chosen the disgorgement and dosage processes as the theme of this 12th edition of the competition. Contestants must explain these operations and highlight their importance within champagne production, taking into account their impact on sensory profile and consistency between bottles in the same batch, along with regulatory and health issues.

The national finals will select the 2018 Champagne Ambassadors from the nine participating countries and these winners will be invited to the Champagne region for an unforgettable experience. During their stay, some of the most prestigious wineries and Champagne houses will welcome them to their cellars, with the additional bonus of unique and exclusive tastings. This week of dialogue and discovery will conclude with the European final and presentation of the award to the winner of the 2018 Champagne Ambassadors Competition.

The competition is open to educators from the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, UK and Switzerland.

Find out more and register online by 30 June at: The national finals will be held in September, followed by the European final in November.

Contact :

Stéphanie Martel
Comité Champagne
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