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Champagne shipments in 2019

Champagne shipments in 2019 reached nearly 297.5 million bottles, that is -1.6% compared to 2018.

For the second consecutive year, exports, with 52% of total volumes (155.9 million bottles), exceed the consumption in France and remain buoyant (+ 0.8%).

The European Union is on the rise again (+ 1%) while other countries’ growth is slowing (+ 0.7%), in line with a troubled global economy.
The French market is down 4% with 141.5 million bottles.

Champagne turnover is estimated at 5 billion euros (+ 2%)

The co-presidents of the Comité Champagne, Jean-Marie Barillère and Maxime Toubart, said they regret the drop in France, especially in the supermarket chains; however, "in a context of deep uncertainty in our two leading export markets and a worrying macro-economic and geopolitical environment, these results demonstrate the remarkable resilience of the Champagne market".

Data by export country will be available mid-March.

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Thibaut Le Mailloux
Comité Champagne
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