El vino de Champagne es exclusivo de la región de Champagne


to the Bureau du Champagne, Australia


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Los Bureaux del Champagne

Welcome to the Bureau du Champagne, Australia

In Australia, the Champagne Bureau represents the Comité Champagne.

The enhancement and protection of the Champagne appellation ranks high among the Comité's priorities.

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GPO Box 461 

Tél. +612 9698 4403
Mob. + 61 413 170 130

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The 2018 Vin de Champagne Awards | The search for the ultimate Champagne brain

Entry forms are available for the 2018 Vin de Champagne Awards. 

The Vin de Champagne Awards seek to discover those Australians who are truly passionate about Champagne. It is the search for the ultimate Champagne brain.

The 2018 concours is the 43rd edition of this coveted wine award. It is unique to Australia and is organised on behalf of the Comité Champagne, representing the Houses, Growers and Co-operatives of the Champagne region in France.

The award has two parts; candidates answer six questions in either the professional or amateur categories in the written component. The ten best national finalists are then flown to Sydney in September to undertake a blind tasting of three mystery Champagne cuvees. The two winners (amateur and professional) are announced at a black-tie reception and receive a two-week educational trip to Champagne as their prize. 

The award also has two categories; one for professionals who work in the field of food, wine, hospitality, or in food and wine communications; one for amateurs, those who don’t work in the food and wine industry, but have a passion for Champagne.

Entries for the written component of the Awards close on Monday, July 16th.

Entry forms are available from

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