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New patronage project in Champagne  for the  Reims cathedral
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New patronage project in Champagne for the Reims cathedral

A century after the terrible blast that ravaged the Reims cathedral in September, 1914 , of the First World War, the Ministry of Culture and Communication has launched the last phase of the restoration of the cathedral’s ruined façade : the « Great Rose » window level.

It was an opportunity for the growers and houses of Champagne to show their support for the famous cathedral of coronations by overseeing the restoration of its monumental statues of David, the tree, the bush, and the sheep of the tympanum that towers over the Great Rose window.

This renovation project is scheduled to start at the end of 2013. The restoration work will take place over a period of 28 months and will undergo two phases. The first concerns the tympanum and the archways, while the second will be devoted to the restoration of the stained glass windows.

see a diagram of the Great Rose window

see the press release

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