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Max Mutzke is awarded the Champagne-Prize 2019
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Max Mutzke is awarded the Champagne-Prize 2019

Max Mutzke is awarded the Champagne-Prize 2019 in Hamburg

The German musician and singer Max Mutzke is awarded the Prix Champagne 2019 in Hamburg on Monday, February 11. Discovered in 2004, he is today one of the most successful artists of the German music scene.

The Prix Champagne awards personalities contributing to the joy of life in an inventive, cheerful and sparkling way. The award winners may be active in all areas of public life, if their work and personality shows a congeniality to Champagne. Previous award winners were conductor Kent Nagano, Paralympics-winner Verena Bentele and even a German cardinal, Kardinal Karl Lehmann, back in 2007.

Max Mutzke had his musical breakthrough when he participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul in 2004. Since then Max Mutzke released seven albums and many successful singles. From Rock, Pop and Soul, Funk to Jazz and classical music, his musical talent is limitless. Passion and sincere joy of living are present in Max Mutzke’s voice and personality. Hardly any musician reaches such a wide range of fans and few singers handle that masterly with different musical genres.

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