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#MYCHAMPAGNE, influencers week, 2nd edition!
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#MYCHAMPAGNE, influencers week, 2nd edition!

Following the success of the first edition, the #MYCHAMPAGNE experience was back in early June.

Focus on Europe!

This second edition brought together 10 new influencers representing 9 European countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.
During the 4-day activity, they were able to discover the secrets of Champagne and its exceptional terroir with the Champagne professionals.

Through their social media, they shared their exceptional week with their Instagram followers, all the publications were relayed with the hashtag #MYCHAMPAGNE: discovery of the vineyard, meeting with the Growers and the Houses, tasting, cultural discoveries …

As the real message-deliverers, these 10 influencers shared their experience to the new generation and less traditional target audience and aroused interest for Champagne.

If you have missed this event, d’not worry ... You can find the highlights on Instagram with the hashtag #MYCHAMPAGNE and on the official account of Champagne, @Champagne_Officiel.

Here is a little preview…

Check out these 10 personalities via their Instagram accounts:

Thai-Hien LAM, Germany - @thai.lam

Leonie-Rachel SOYEL, Austria - @leonie_rachel

Jens FISSERS, Belgium - @jensfissers

Patricia FERNANDEZ ORDIZ, Spain - @compartemimoda

Sarah BENZIANE, France - @lescolonnesdesarah

Paulette CHEVALIER, France - @paulettedittout

Nadia EL FERDAOUSSI, Ireland - @nadia_dailyself

Ezio TOTORIZZO, Italy - @eziomrlifestyle

Sarah KIM, Nederlands - @lusttilldawn

Katy KATKOVA, United-Kingdom - @eastlondonmornings


Follow the Champagne official account on Instagram: @Champagne_Officiel

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