Champagne only comes from Champagne, France



    Ordre des coteaux de Champagne

    Grand Chapitre of Sydney


    Prix Champagne de la Joie de vivre

    Joana Bonet, journalist and writer receives the award in Spain. more

    Champagne during World War

    The bombing of the Cathedral of Reims


    France says 'Yes!' to Champagne's candidacy for UNESCO World Heritage status!


    Champagne Growers

    The Syndicat général des Vignerons, .

    was established in 1904 to represent all of the growers and cooperatives in Champagne.

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    The Comité Champagne

    The Comité Champagne is the trade organisation established by statute to manage the common interests of Growers and Champagne Houses.

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    Champagne Houses

    The Union des Maisons de Champagne

    Members of the ‘Union des Maisons de Champagne’ (UMC) are the grandes marques.

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    Lettre d'information du Comité Champagne

    Get the latest news from Champagne wines [...]

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    Press release


    Champagne houses and growers celebrate the "Ambassadeurs du Champagne"


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    Le Vigneron champenois

    Vigneron Champenois

    Discover the monthly technical bulletin issued by the Association Viticole Champenoise (Champagne winegrowing association) with support from the Comité Champagne's technical and environmental centre.

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    Master class in China

    Master Class en Chine

    The Bureau du Champagne en Chine has organized two Champagne Master Class in Shanghai [...]

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    Programme Anaxagore

    Progamme Anaxagore


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    "De la cave à la table"


    De la cave à la table

    From cellar to table, this brochure shows the diversity of the wine of Champagne (in french)  [...]

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    News from the Champagne Bureaus

    Informing and educating decision-makers on the finer points of the Champagne AOC is a key objective of the Comité Champagne.

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