Champagne growers celebrate St Vincent's Day
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Champagne growers celebrate St Vincent's Day

The St Vincent’s Day returns to the City of Troyes on Saturday 19 January, to the immense satisfaction of the joint presidents of the Champagne Winegrowers' Fraternity (Archiconfrérie des vignerons de la Champagne), Evelyne Roques-Boizel and Maurice Vollereaux. “In 2019, we will take great pride in parading the Archiconfrérie’s colours through the heart of the city, nine years since Troyes last hosted the event in 2010!”

From 3pm, spectators will be treated to a sensational Grand Parade with people in traditional costumes, which will set out from Place de la Libération. The procession will be headed by the Chacenay, Bertignolles and Eguilly-sous-Bois winegrowers’ guild, which will proudly carry the Archiconfrérie banner.

Around 1,000 people, belonging to 90 Champagne guilds and Houses, will take part. Decked out in traditional colours and carrying banners and the ceremonial staffs of St Vincent, they will process to Troyes Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul, where a mass will be celebrated at 4pm.


The traditional St Vincent’s Day festivities will follow, beginning at 6pm in the Espace Argence Hall.

There will be a welcome address by François Baroin, Mayor of Troyes, speeches from Vincent Perrin, managing director of the Champagne Committee and other well-known figures and awarding of official prizes by the Corporation des Vignerons de Champagne, followed by the ceremonial handing over of the

Archiconfrérie banner to the St-Martin-d’Ablois guild. Next, the guilds, celebrities and participants will all enjoy a glass of Champagne, after which a gala dinner and an induction ceremony for the Archiconfrérie Ambassadors will round off the events of the day (advance booking only).


The residents of Troyes will be delighted that their city is to host the Champagne Winegrowers' fraternity of St Vincent on this important and spectacular occasion.


Saint Vincent, who is known as the patron saint of winegrowers, is believed to have died in January 304 CE after being persecuted by the Roman government. In the centuries that followed, Saint Vincent came to be venerated throughout France’s wine-producing regions including Champagne, with annual festivals arranged in his honour by the Champagne Houses and growers.


The Champagne Winegrowers' Fraternity of St Vincent, or Archiconfrérie St-Vincent, was founded in Epernay in the 1930s, bringing together village wine guilds from across the Champagne region. In the 1990s, under the impetus of the organisation’s joint presidents, Brigitte Chandon Moet and Michel Janisson, the annual celebration was revived and has gained a stellar reputation.


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