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Champagne cigarettes rolled with Crystal Champs papers: 30 years of jurisprudence

It was on 5 March 1984 that the Paris High Court issued the first ruling regarding the misuse of the reputation of an appellation of origin, in an action concerning the use of the name Champagne in reference to cigarettes.


Thirty years later, a new ruling has consolidated this first decision.
On 12 June the Lille High Court concluded: 'that the company in question used the abbreviation CHAMPS, linked to the representation of a Champagne bottle, in order to sell papers made for the rolling of tobacco and/or cannabis, in a manner evocative of the CHAMPAGNE name, and that this represents a misappropriation of Champagne's reputation and a risk of tarnishing its image ...'

By using the Champagne appellation in the naming and presentation of cigarette rolling papers sold under the name 'Crystal Champs', the French company Royal Distribution Tabac Distri Nord had sought to benefit from the prestigious image associated with this appellation.

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