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Non è Champagne se non è della Champagne
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"Rêve de Couleurs" show

The cathedral façade showcased in an exceptional presentation.

The City of Reims offers you the chance to enjoy a wonderful imaginaryjourney through time.

Created by Skertzò, the heritage scenographers,“Rêve de Couleurs” (Coloured Dream) is a visual show that transforms thearchitecture, bringing the host of sculptures on the cathedral to life. The paper cathedral becomes an illumination.  The architect’s pencil outlines the plan…
Shouts ring out. Stones clatter. The framework rises.
The unceasing ballet of the builders erects a cathedral.
It is immense.
Thecolours of the coronations, the immense ornaments in front of theportals, the crowd flocking in, the gold, the façade shimmering with athousand points of light, here is where the kings are crowned.
Thesculptures are revealed in the beauty of their colours: the pink of acheek, the black of a pupil, the gold of fabric, a blue plumed wing andthe angel with the hint of a smile…

2 shows by day from May to September

Durée: 25 min

Un système de boucle magnétique pour les personnes malentendantes est disponible dans le périmètre de la tour gauche projetant le spectacle.

More information : cathedraledereims.fr

photo credit : cathedraledereims.fr

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