Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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Terre de Champagne

Broadcast by Troyes local TV channel ‘Canal 32’ and the Comité Champagne, ‘Terre de Champagne’ consists of 10, thirteen-minute episodes that together cover every aspect of the Champagne business: vineyards; harvests; tourist attractions; serving Champagne; role of the Champagne trade association; and Champagne’s global presence.

Episode 1 : History and appellation 19/01/2015

Episode 2 : Vineyards tasks 2/02/2015

Episode 3:   Harvesting 16/02/2015

Episode 4 :  Champagne making part 1  2/03/2015

Episode 5 :  Champagne making part 2  16/03/2015

Episode 6 :  Champagne bottle 30/03/2015

Episode 7 :  Champagne worldwide 13/04/2015

Episode 8 : Gastronomy 27/04/2015

Episode 9 : Comité Champagne 11/05/2015

Episode 10 : Tourism 25/05/2015

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