Comité Champagne announces the launch of the new Champagne Bureau Nordics


February 13th, 2024 - After an extensive pitching process, it is confirmed that Stockholm based Gastro PR has been chosen to be the official Nordic representative for Comité Champagne, the industry organization representing grape growers and houses in Champagne, France. Led by Elina Gregor, founder of Gastro PR, the team also consists of Maria Torén and Maya Samuelsson, forming the Champagne Bureau Nordics.

Comité Champagne was established in 1941 and is the professional institute which brings together all stakeholders involved in Champagne such as growers, co-operative and houses. The Comité's mission is to promote the vines and wines of Champagne through a broad remit that includes economic, technical and environmental development; continuous quality improvement; sector management; marketing and communications; and the promotion and protection of the Champagne denomination across the world.

Comité Champagne represents over 16,200 growers, 130 cooperatives, and 370 Champagne houses, ensuring equal conditions for both small-scale grape growers and large international players.

There are nine other Champagne Bureaus worldwide representing USA, Great-Britain, Japan, Italy, Germany and Austria, Benelux, Switzerland, Australia, China. Now, Gastro PR becomes the first official agency for Champagne in the Nordic region.

Elina Gregor will be the Director of Champagne Bureau Nordics.She is the founder of Gastro PR, which is a PR-agency, known for its unique network and a focus on food and beverages. She has recruited Maya Samuelsson, an award-winning sommelier and educator, with specialized knowledge of champagne, a writer for ELLE Magazine, coach for the Swedish National Sommelier Team, and a familiar face on TV. Maya Samuelsson will lead educational components and contribute with expert knowledge to the Nordic agency's mission.

Nordics Champagne Bureau group photo


Also, part of the team is Maria Torén, PR consultant with years of experience in the hospitality industry, with a strong connection to Languedoc. Maria is also a trained sommelier, leading wine tastings, wine education, and wine tours, and working as a wine journalist. Her previous PR-assignments include, among others, the Nobel Banquet.

- "We are incredibly proud to represent Champagne in the Nordics. As a specialized agency with the right expertise and the network, we've had the opportunity to assemble a truly unique team. We look forward to further enhancing knowledge about this unique wine region and facilitating the industry in the Nordics," says Elina Gregor, founder of Gastro PR and Director of Champagne Bureau Nordics.

Champagne Bureau Nordics' mission primarily aims to educate, inform, update, and communicate with Nordic stakeholders such as media, chefs, sommeliers, and importers to enhance understanding of the Champagne appellation and the importance of origin.

- "We are eager to communicate with everyone interested in champagne: wine importers, journalists, sommeliers, and chefs. Through Champagne Bureau Nordic, one can stay updated with the latest from the region," adds Elina Gregor.

Elina Gregor Director of Champagne Bureau Nordics


- "We, Maya, Maria, and I, have just returned from an educational trip to Champagne and look forward to getting started with the operations of Champagne Bureau Nordics as the first official PR agency for the region in the Nordics. We feel very honoured by this assignment," concludes Elina Gregor. 

For more information, press releases, and newsletters related to the Nordic region: here  and Comité Champagne: here

Contact: Elina Gregor, Director of Champagne Bureau Nordics 

*Comité Champagne is a trade association which represents the winegrowers and houses of Champagne, France.