Champagne only comes from Champagne, France
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The Comité Champagne


Champagne Growers and Houses


There are more than 15,000 growers in Champagne and between them they own roughly 90% of the vineyards.

Passionate about terroir and vineyard

For generations now, Champagne growers have been crafting wines with as many expressions as there are vineyard sites. Their aim is to bring out the personality of each terroir, based on traditional growing techniques that promote quality and help protect the environment.

 Le Syndicat Général des vignerons de la Champagne (Champagne growers union or SGV)

The SGV was established in 1904 to represent all of the growers and cooperatives in Champagne.

Its objectives are:

  • Economic organization of the Champagne winegrowing region
  • Providing business support to winegrowers
  • Promoting Grower Champagnes sold under the  ‘Champagnes de Vignerons’ umbrella brand
 Les Champagnes de vignerons : the umbrella brand created for SGV growers

‘Les Champagnes de Vignerons’ was introduced in 2001 by the SGV to promote the image of Grower Champagnes.

The brand represents 5000 growers and grower cooperatives, all with a common winemaking philosophy: to respect the vineyard skills that have been handed down through the generations; and to make wines that express their richly varied terroir.

 La Champagne Viticole, trade magazine: a hundred years plus of authoritative reporting

‘La Champagne Viticole’ is a magazine especially for Champagne growers, established on 22 January 1909 by the Fédération des Syndicats Viticoles (federation of wine-trade unions).

Since then, ‘La Champagne Viticole’ has become the Champagne industry’s bible, which today features a rundown of the latest news from Champagne in addition to union and trade coverage.

Available on-line since February 2007.

Visit the winegrowers of Champagne

Make sure your stay in Champagne includes a winegrower visit!
Click on the link below for details of growers who welcome visitors and where to find them.  

Happy hunting and Bon Voyage in Champagne !


Champagne houses


Champagne Growers


The Comité Champagne

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