Champagne only comes from Champagne, France


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Champagne Bureaus


位于法国埃佩尔奈的香槟委员会(Comité Champagne)于2006年在中国成立办公室, 至今始终致力于在全国范围内推广普及Champagne(香槟酒),保护“香槟”原产地监控命名。 我们希望所有喜爱Champagne(香槟酒)的人士通过此中文网站了解这世界上独一无二产品的历史、知识与文化, 理解“真正的Champagne(香槟酒)只来自于法国香槟地区”的深刻含义,享受Champagne(香槟酒)给您带来的愉悦与欢欣……

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101, Unit 2, Building 8, Courtyard 3,
Qingnianlu Xili, Chaoyang District
BEIJING 100123, P.R.C.

Tel. (00/86/10)
Fax (00/86/10)

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Press releases

2018 Champagne shipments: Towards a stable turnover, at the same level as the 2017 record

Champagne shipments in 2018 reached nearly 302 million bottles, that is -1.8% compared to 2017.


Exports continue to grow (+0.6%) and now account for more than half of total shipments (51.3%), which confirms a trend reversal from the last century.


The French market is down 4.2% with 147 million bottles, probably affected by the socio-economic context.


The European Union shrinks slightly (-0.9% to 76 million bottles), contrary to markets outside Europe which are continuing to grow (+ 2.1% to nearly 79 million bottles), now counting for more than half of total exports. Their volume growth over ten years is constant and reaches almost 90%.


Champagne turnover is estimated at 4.9 billion euros,l equivalent to the record of 2017. These results are in line with the strategic orientations of the sector, which favors the valuation of Champagne wines and the. export markets.


Data by country will be available mid-March.



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