Champagne kommt nur aus der Champagne
A delegation of Chinese tea producers visits Champagne
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A delegation of Chinese tea producers visits Champagne

On 17 July, the Comité Champagne welcomed a large Chinese delegation from the Hangzhou West Lake Longjing Tea Management Association.

This is an association that represents the tea producers of Longjing in China's Hangzhou region.

Rare and delicate Longjing tea is the subject of China's very first geographical indication, now entered in the European Union register of protected designations of origin. Its production area on the shores of China's West Lake is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Representatives of Longjing tea, with whom the Comité Champagne had met in Hangzou in May, were here to discuss matters of mutual interest, most notably how to regulate supply within the industry and how to protect geographical indications.

The Comité Champagne regularly hosts visits from representatives of foreign agricultural and wine industries, within the framework of a peer-to-peer exchange programme aimed at sharing experiences and offering mutual support for the protection of geographical indications.

These exchanges are also of course a chance for visitors to discover Champagne, and maybe taste Champagne for the very first time – as was the case on this occasion for a large part of the delegation.

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